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What are the shipping charges on several sheets of pizza to Greenwood South Carolina 29646 Thank you

They have a website

How much is a 10 inch cake from dalos

Depends on what you want on it. I know an 8"cake with special filling is about $21

Do they still make Easter Bread and can I get one shipped to MO?

I'm sure that they still make the Easter bread. You would have to contact bakery directly in regards to shipping. Good luck

Do you ship your baked goods? Love the pumpkin muffins and can't get anything like them in Hanover Pa

They do not ship their products that I am aware of but maybe you can call them and ask if they could do that due to the upcoming holidays. They might...

Do you ship your products?

Not that i know of

Do you deliver


will u have fresh donuts this morning

Everything is made fresh daily.

Can i have a price on 100 cup cakes..20 chocolate with peanut butter icing...20 vanilla with white icing....20 banana, 20 carrot, 20 red velvet....those with cream cheese icing...

Call the bakery they don't answer Google.

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